Thugs And Juggs review

Thugs And Juggs

Some guys like big tits, some guys like small tits. Fine. More big tits for those of us that go ga-ga for a babe with big cans. There really is nothing like a woman with a big rack. I find that it makes a girl more of a woman, and she has more sexual power, think about it.You can take an average girl, give her a perfect set ala Dr. 90210 and she's instantly upgraded from a 5 to an 8. But this site features girls with real boobs. No plastic here. This site features a bevy of naturally-gifted babes getting slammed and banged by dudes who must own stock in big black donkey dong. We went into the members area to get a better look at this site. The members area is extremely clean and very well organized. There are the usual sprinklings of links to recommended services such as video-on-demand, sex toys and dvd's but they're kept to small areas of the page so the focus if mainly on the video and image content. The videos in this site are exclusive to this site and this site only. The videos come in WMV and MPEG formats at slow, medium and high-speed. Video quality is excellent and I love the full screen viewing capability simply by right-clicking the movie when it pops up. The image gallery for each episode contains a fair amount of photos for viewing as well. There's 33 episodes to view currently with more coming regularly. Each episode is displayed with a large thumbnail, again very well organized. Don't forget you get access to 29+ other sites for free with your membership. There are some more-than-amazing sites in this network. This is a wild site with a lot of natural hotties fucking and sucking these dudes silly. I highly recommend this site for you interracial sex freaks. 4 out of 5 stars.

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