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Filth Freaks

The Filth Freaks tour is amazing! This is the only pay site tour we have ever seen that actually shows you EVERYTHING that is available in the members area. Not only does it show you everything, but it also features a sample for everything within the member's area. There are over 40 awesome extremely hardcore niched sites within the Filth Freaks network, and every single one is listed, along with every single exclusive episode. If you check out the “Our Girls” page, you will see the top 100 rated episodes within the network. These ratings are determined by the members, not some marketing guy. And just like the rest of the tour, you can see a sample of the episode by clicking on it! Scroll down a little and you can see all of the samples for that episode! According to the home page of the tour, there are 1753 different, exclusive episodes available for members as of the time of this review. But this tour is dynamic, so that means that when new episodes are updated on any of the sites in the Filth Freaks Network, then they will appear on the tour instantly! Let's check out the members area... The member's home page starts out by listing the 4 latest updates and the next 4 upcoming updates right at the top. These guys aren't messing around either, the upcoming updates even list the date they will be available unlike other sites that just dangle the updates in front of you and make you wait weeks or even months before those updates are available! Scroll down a little and there you will find 100 exclusive episodes right off the bat. All different categories, even a couple tranny and gay scenes are thrown in, but don't let that throw you if you don't like that kinda thing, there is PLENTY of straight content within this members area and all the bonus members areas to watch! Let's check out the content... When you find an episode you'd like to watch, simply click on it and it will open a page with thumbnails and links to the videos for that scene. There are several choices of format and resolution to choose from, including the new “SilverLight” from Microsoft. On top of the high quality videos, there are also picture sets for each and every scene with at least several dozen hi-res explicit photos for each episode. There is another bonus that you won't find in very many pay sites these days; the ability to download the videos to your hard drive and watch anytime you see fit! When you run across scenes that really trip your trigger, rate them so that others know to check them out. Also, you can add scenes to your favorites so you don't lose track of them if you want to watch them again and again.

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