Brick House Butts review

Brick House Butts

Just when you thought you'd see it all on the internet, surprise. This site boasts the biggest asses on the web. You're not going to believe how huge these girls are when you see them. The big booty collection in this site is no joke. So after checking out the tour of several fat ass mamas I went into the members area for a closer look. The members area is very clean and well arranged. There's a few links for recommended dvd's, sex toys and video-on-demand, but very prominent at the top of the page is this weeks episode. You can view the scenes or venture into the picture gallery at the click of a button. There's a handsome collection of big butt episodes from previous weeks below the featured movie. A drop-down box allows you to quick move to any one of the other 29+ sites in the network. You get free access to all of them with your membership. It's quite a deal actually and I can't complain about the moderate fees. I spend more in a strip club in 5 minutes. I watched a few dudes with ginormous cocks pound the living spit out of these fat ass xxx love monsters and choked out a few squirts myself. Altogether I found this site to be pretty kick-ass. The video quality is sharp and there's slow, medium and high speed videos in MPEG and WMV formats. So pull out yer stick and shake it at these big butt bimbo's. There're sure to bury it somewhere deep.

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